Specialized technical training

We provide specialized classroom training courses for professionals. The courses are customized to the client’s needs.


Digital Marketing Strategies applied to the leisure and tourism sector.

Thanks to our extensive experience in this sector, both in Spain and in other countries (France, UK, Belgium, Holland and Finland), we can provide specialized and tailored courses for professionals in the leisure and tourism.

Digital Marketing is nothing more than the planning of the different techniques, tools and online media (SEM, SEO, analytics…) that we have at our disposal to achieve fruitful goals for our business to grow with a high degree of success.

Knowing how your customers behave online and in which social networks they are moving is essential to design and optimize an appropriate digital marketing plan.

Among others, the following aspects are contemplated:

  • Use of analytical tools.
  • Online reputation in tourism
  • How to get customers through content marketing
  • Efficient use of social networks and tourism blogs to attract new customers.


Advanced web analytics

Aspects covered in this course:

  • Plan, define and control any Digital Marketing campaign.
  • Generate maximum traffic for a website or App through SEO, SEM, Display and Social Media.
  • Optimize, analyze and interpret the results and user experience (UX) of a website.
  • Learn how to use Web Analytics to drive change and improvements in an e-Commerce or online platform.
  • Define objectives (KPIs) and know how to interpret them.
  • Prepare and execute Scorecards.

Conversion Funnel Design

What is a conversion funnel?

The conversion funnel is an online marketing term directly related to the objectives we set when we launch an online store and, in general, a website or blog, especially if the objectives are commercial.

This funnel determines the different phases that each of the visitors of our website has to go through until they reach a certain goal: usually to become a registration or lead or to complete the purchase of a product or service.


An analysis of user behavior in the different phases of the marketing funnel will allow us:

  • Know at what point users fall out of the funnel. For example, a very high abandonment rate when users leave their data in a form may be an indication that the form is not well designed.
  • Detect errors and areas for improvement. Continuing with the previous example, the key to improving conversion may be to create a more visible, attractive or simply simpler form.
  • The funnel allows us to have a much clearer idea of exactly where we need to focus our efforts.
  • It also helps us calculate the return on investment (ROI) of our campaign.

We show you how to design and customize a conversion funnel to improve website conversions.


Data Studio

Data Studio is a free tool that turns your data into clear, fully customizable reports and dashboards that are easy to consult and share.

At neuronic we teach you how to develop and customize the tool to get the best information in the most visual and clear way possible.