Web Analytics


On the Internet almost everything is measurable, but it is necessary to know how to extract that information, using the programs and tags in the right way, in order to draw useful conclusions for improving results.

In neuronic we offer a complete pack with all the necessary analytics to know the most relevant information about the website and your business, as well as advice on the interpretation of these data to implement improvements according to these.

What does our digital marketing agency offer in Web Analytics?

Google Tag Manager

We take care of all the labeling of the website for its correct measurement, through different platforms such as Analytics, Facebook, Google Ads, etc.

Google Data Studio

Data Studio offers a customized dashboard for each business with real-time information of the most relevant data, offered in a clear and visual way.

Conversion funnel

The funnel or conversion funnel allows us to analyze each step in the buying process of a customer, in order to implement improvements and achieve more conversions.