Mobile Marketing

Mobile strategy for your business

The percentage of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices is increasing, surpassing desktop traffic. Having a development and a strategy focused on mobile devices is essential in a current project.

In neuronic we take care of adapting the contents and web structure to this form of visualization and navigation, making it responsive and accessible to all devices.


Mobile First

A Mobile First design gives priority in the visualization of mobile content over desktop content, making from the first moment a design according to mobile devices.


Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the most effective tools and must be adapted to this medium. We apply different advertising techniques in search engines and RRSS, to achieve different objectives such as brand recognition, traffic, leads or conversions, adapting to customer needs.

Desarrollo de apps1-test

Apps Development

Apps nowadays are still the best option for many types of businesses, since they allow us to offer a great variety of utilities to the user.