Creating an online store for your business

Nowadays the percentage of online buying and selling is too big to be ignored and is growing year by year. Having an online store opens you to a market with an immense reach, and having a good ecommerce focused on sales is of utmost importance.

At neuronic we design, develop and manage the best ecommerce strategy for your business, optimized for return. We will bring our experience and knowledge of the sector to achieve satisfactory results.


Maximize conversions

Our stores always make shopping easier for the customer, accompanying an aesthetic design that sells the product, with a simple usability that invites the customer to buy. CTAs should stand out above all else, avoiding using elements that distract the customer from the purchase.

gestor de ventas

Sales Management

We provide you with an internal configuration to manage your store in a simple way, allowing you to easily keep track of your inventory, sales, customers, etc.

metodos de pago

Methods of payment

We adapt the web to your needs and those of your customers, offering the most appropriate payment methods for each business.